Ultimate Macro Tracker + Tutorial Course


Without fad diets, expensive supplements, or long hours of cardio.

Fat loss isn'tĀ magic, it's math. And with the Ultimate Macro Tracker, you have all the numbers and parameters you need to track your progress over 12 week intervals so that you can have accountabilityĀ and get in shape.


"You can't manage something you don't measure." - Tony Robbins

Maximum Accessibility

Built with Google Sheets to run on any platform, without any ads, yearly app subscriptions, or privacy concerns.

Full Control

All the numbers you need, including your BMR, calories, macro ratios, and 5 industry formulas to lean up and hit your goals.

Nutrition Adherence

14,000 food database sourced from the USDA so you can easily log and track your meals using entries that auto-calc your calories from protein, carbs, and fats.

Lifetime Updates

One price, with lifetime updates, future feature upgrades, food updates, recipes, unlimited downloads, and with no on-going subscriptions ever!


Macro & Calorie Calculator

5 industry-standard formulas to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, maintenance calories, caloric goal, weekly calories, and macro ratios based off your diet preferences.

Easily enter your biomarkers and activity level modifier to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and Thermic Effect of Food (TEF).

14,000+ Food Database Meal Planner

With a 14,000 food database sourced from the USDA Food Data Central, you can easily log and track your meals using entries that auto-calculate your calories from the protein, carbs, and fat inputs.

Additionally, use the simple meal generator to come up with quick options, or use the Quick Protein Goal Helper to find protein-rich foods that can help you get your daily protein intake.

Weekly Tracking Sheets

Stay on track during your fitness journey via daily & weekly tracking of your weight, calories, and macros. Additionally, keep track of important biomarkers such as sleep, stress, hunger, and fatigue levels.

Record your body measurements on a weekly timeframe, while each subsequent weekly sheet keeps track of your overall weight & fat loss.

Metrics & Measurements

Track every metric on your tracking sheets, including: macronutrients, calories, bodyweight changes, sleep, stress, hunger, fatigue, bodyweight measurements, and daily steps

Analyze your progress on a weekly basis or as part of a 12 week quarter to find nutrition gaps, make changes, or celebrate wins.


Bonus: Vitamin Vault & Supplement Suggestions

Track your vitamin & supplement regimen with only select recommended supplements in five categories, including: Daily & General, Muscle & Performance, Fat Loss, Sleep, and Testosterone. Each listed supplement comes with dosage use, bioavailable forms, and time of day to take.


Bonus: Tracker Tutorial Course

No Man Left Behind support! Utilize the Tracker Tutorial video course so you can fully understand and utilize each component of the tracker and 'best use' ideas for successfully staying on target.

Each tracker tab features its own video, and the course itself holds both the tracker lifetime access download link as well as all 251 bonus recipes for PDF download.

Bonus: 251 Easy-To-Follow Macro Recipes

251 bonus recipes (and calorie + macro content for each) collected into downloadable PDFs and integrated into the Macro Tracker so you can easily meal plan throughout the week in addition to using the 14,000 USDA food database.

Each recipe is catalogued into specific categories (high protein, vegetarian, etc.) and features a MyFitnessPal barcode if using the tracker and app together.

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