Here's what I'm all about...


Hey friend - I'm Beau Morrow, a Coast Guard veteran, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. Thanks for stopping by!

Over the past decade, I've had the privilege of military service through oversea deployments on anti-drug and anti-trafficking missions for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Throughout that time, I've built a functional, lean military physique and helped numerous brothers & sisters in the service do the same. Now, I do the same for those outside of the military.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "Is it possible for me to get fit without endless cardio?"
  • "I'm busy enough as it is with work/school/family. Do I really have to go to the gym everyday in order to get fit?"
  • "How can I get in shape fast without buying expensive supplements?"
  • "Where do I even start when so much information on good nutrition is confusing?"

If so, then you've come to the right place!

Whether you've already started to workout but just aren't seeing any progress, or you hate trying to get fit and are overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out which 'diet' or 'program' to do, I can help you.

From Intel Analyst To Coach.

In the Coast Guard, I was responsible for tracking drug movements and utilizing intelligence from agency partners to get the job done.

I had to use metrics, reports, and information to get the desired result.

That's the same philosophy I bring to fitness. 

What can't be measured, can't be managed. 

If you have financial debt, you develop a budget to attack the problem. The same concept of measuring applies to fitness and nutrition. 

Metrics put you in control.

When you're lost, and have no map or GPS to help you find your way, you become susceptible to the "fast & easy" fitness gurus and food companies that view you as a dollar sign.

When you have a plan in place, you have your baseline numbers, and can monitor your progress, suddenly the 'detox' shakes and quick fixes look less enticing.

And the fitness influencers spending thousands of dollars on steroids and prohormones can't convince you that their workout routine is going to help you look like them. You're in control, now.

I've been there.

There was a time when I needed my own transformation. And like you and others, I hated how I looked in the mirror, and I kept my shirt on at the pool parties and beachside weekends.

I did the juice cleanses, ate the 'clean' chicken and broccoli routine and other fad diets, and bought hundreds of dollars of useless supplements. That was what I was told would help me look like the guy on my exercise program. 

I was a bit naïve back then, but who could blame me? Who can blame you? From the food companies and influencers, to the government, there's a whole lot of crap out there designed to extract cash from your hurt and discouragement.

Do it the right way.

I'm not going to tell you it's easy. I'm not going to be like everyone else in this space and tell you that you can reach the body of your dreams in a month. That's not how this works.

It often takes years to get out of debt, and fitness is no exception, especially if you've spent years building an out-of-shape body.

But you can start getting results faster than I did by doing it the right way.  You don't ever need fad diets, expensive supplements, or endless cardio to get a lean body that you can love seeing in the mirror.

You can absolutely turn heads at the beach, in the boardroom, or in the bedroom by doing it the progress-based way. But you have to start now, and you have to KNOW your numbers and how you are going to fuel your body.